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Professional Property Management in Georgetown, Round Rock, and Greater Austin, Texas.

Whether this is your first investment home or you’ve been a lifelong savvy investor, we would love to give you unparalleled property management service in the Greater Austin Area.

From prepping the property to finding good quality tenants, we are a one-stop solution for an investor who wants a “hassle-free” rental home experience. Good, proactive communication is the key to a satisfied tenant…and a satisfied tenant means, fewer chances of lawsuits, better-kept properties and rental payments being paid on time. Throughout the management of your home, we promise good communication to you and also the tenant.

Below is a brief description of our major responsibilities for leasing your home and managing it:

  • Market Analysis

    Every listing strategy must begin with the right understanding of market fundamentals. We help you understand the market as well as we do so that you can make an informed decision on how much we should ask for rent.  This includes a review of previous homes that have rented, current competition, absorption rates for your neighborhood and/or city, and other factors that can sometimes make a difference between offering a rental rate that includes a discount or a market premium.
  • Marketing

    We leverage the Internet to gain maximum exposure for your listing. Rather then just list it in the local real estate listing service, we also syndicate your listing to the most trafficked real estate websites on the Internet.  We invest in the same professional-caliber photography and copywriting in your rental as we do in selling a home.  Why?  Because it works.
  • Tenant Screening

    We conduct a thorough review of an applicant’s employment history, residential history, credit history and criminal history.  In addition to that, we also have proprietary methods for screening a tenant and conduct an in-person or phone interview before we give you our recommendation.  The only thing we don’t do is interrogate them in a window-less room with concrete walls and a single light above their head.  That’s for another type of screening.

    Our leasing fee is 80% of one month's rent - This fee covers all of our marketing expenses, including professional photography, and the commission paid to a tenant’s agent, if represented. This leasing fee is reduced to 30% if we are helping you negotiate new terms with an existing tenant.
  • Walk-throughs

    Risk-reduction is one of the most important tasks for a property manager. If your property manager does not understand that, you are playing with a loaded gun.  In order to reduce the risks of miscommunication and disputes over the property condition, we use move-in checklists and leverage photography during the three most critical times of a lease:  Prior to a tenant moving in, two weeks after a tenant has moved in, and immediately following a tenant moving out.
  • Work Orders

    Our goal is to provide a timely response to work orders and have access to a network of vendors that provide professional work and are cost-effective.  We have work order systems that are transparent to the owner to foster trust and accountability.  For example, every owner receives a real-time alert when a work order is submitted and all work must be verified via phone or in-person (depending on the type of repair) prior to the vendor receiving payment.  Before and after photography is used whenever possible and all invoices, photographs and work order requests are stored in the owner’s records for review at any time.
  • Communications

    We spend a lot of effort to make sure we have systems in place to communicate with our owners and tenants on a regular schedule.  It’s important for a property manager to stay “top-of-mind” with a tenant so that they will be remembered when a work order needs to be submitted and it reduces the likelihood of the property being neglected.  We have invested in Owner Portals and Tenant Portals that can be used for paying a ledger balance, reviewing contracts, reviewing statements, submitting a work order and much more.

    Our management fee is 10% of one month’s rent

Inquire About Our Services


For just $75/visit (homes located outside of Georgetown are $125/visit) our management team can conduct the following services:  (Price is based off a service plan of at least two visits per month)

  • Property walk-through

    Travel to the property and conduct an initial interior and exterior walk-through. Photography will be used to document this visual walk-through and posted for the homeowners reference. Recommendations will be made to protect the home against potential water damage or other issues.
  • Plumbing

    Flush toilets and run some water down the drains throughout the home and through the appliances monthly to ensure gaskets don’t dry out and the plumbing is still working properly. Turn down the water heater to a lower setting to save on utility bills.
  • Landscaping/Yardwork

    Coordinate with local companies to ensure the grass is cut and edged properly to avoid those pesky HOA letters. Make sure the irrigation system is set properly and not violating any city or municipal district water restrictions. Sometimes the yard company will need to conduct additional work that we can help coordinate such as tree trimming, yard fertilization, removing dead bushes, etc.
  • Pest control

    Coordinate with vendors as needed if there is evidence of anthills or pest infestation in the home. Swallow nests and wasp nests love to multiply around the exterior porches of homes and these can get messy if not taken care of immediately.
  • Litter control

    This will involve picking up newspapers left on driveways or those pesky door hangers or phonebooks that get delivered. Disclaimer: Property Manager has a right to keep the pizza coupons!
  • During winter time

    Making sure the exterior hose-bibs are covered with styrofoam to prevent freezing pipes and temperatures in the inside of the home are set appropriately. Coordinate for walkways or driveways to be shoveled during a heavy snow storm so the home doesn’t look vacant.
  • During summer time

    Set the air conditioning properly to prevent excess humidity in the home and to make sure the system is operational. This can help prevent mold/mildew in the home.
  • Appliances

    Some of these can be turned off or to it’s the lowest setting to save on utility bills. Appliances can also be periodically checked to make sure they are operational. The ice-maker will be turned off and any ice will be emptied. Light bulbs will be checked to make sure there are no burned out bulbs. Batteries in smoke detectors will be checked to make sure they are fully functioning.
  • Professional home cleaning

    This can be coordinated as needed.
  • Extra Help

    As we see the home and notice anything that needs repair, we will photograph these items and send to you for your reference so that we can determine if you want us to help you coordinate to get it fixed. Since we have been in business for over 8 years, we have many local reputable vendors that we can refer to you.
Georgetown Area Info

Discover Georgetown

Georgetown is a city in and the county seat of Williamson County, Texas, United States.

The City of Georgetown is served by the Georgetown Independent School District and Georgetown High School, a National Blue Ribbon Award school, serves the community. Georgetown opened a second high school, East View High, in 2008. The graduating class of 2014 was the first class of students to graduate from East View as a full high school. Up to that point, East View High School had started as a freshman-only campus and added on one grade at a time as those students moved up.

Georgetown is also the home of Southwestern University, a private, four-year, undergraduate, liberal arts college[43]. Founded in 1873, Southwestern is the oldest university in Texas. The school is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, although the curriculum is nonsectarian. Southwestern offers 40 bachelor's degrees in the arts, sciences, fine arts, and music, as well as interdisciplinary and pre-professional programs. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Association of Schools of Music.

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